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We are proud of our specific team, where each participant tries to embrace all the variety of existing brewing. That’s why Brew Division has its vision of both traditional and unusual kinds of beer. It is important for us to have an opportunity to share the unique qualities and complexity of this drink with people. We chase neither haughty fame of experimentalists, nor short-term profits.

We are brewing intellectuals.

Nice to meet you!
Brew Division welcomes freedom of thought and unusual view of life. It is art and creation that develop brewing and contribute to its progress. It is the base of that variety, which we currently observe.
But we understand that freedom comes with a wave of necessity. That’s why we adhere to some fundamental principles:
Malt is milled and mixed with water, producing mash.
Mash tub is heated till certain temperature. This process splits the substances of malt into sugars.
The mash is put into another vessel and the filtration starts. A brewer separates wart (the base of future beer) from grain.
The wart is boiled. At this stage, hop is infused both for bitterness and aroma.
The wart is quickly cooled and transferred into fermentation tank. At this stage yeast is added. It is responsible for alcohol and for beer taste profile.
The beer matures and acquires its final form. Ready-made drink is bottled and you enjoy it.